A suggestion for controlling WORRY

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

When Worry visits us, it brings into our lives frightening “what if” situations, which keep being re-played again and again. Worry makes us play these little ‘movie clips’ until a particularly horrific moment, and then it makes us rewind and start all over again. It doesn’t allow us to see past the worst point of the story or achieve resolution.

To combat the negative influence of Worry, write down the topic and the sequence of thoughts that it brings into your life. Write down all the details up to the point where the movie stops and then FINISH the story. What would happen next? And then what? Who would come to your assistance? Then what?

Face the worst of it. Finish the story until you reach a point of resolution.

We have been built to be adaptable. When we are given tests and tribulations, God also gives with it a measure of patience to deal with the situation. When we worry about things which haven’t happened yet, that measure of patience is not present, and everything seems MUCH worse.

Move away from Worry’s lies, and away from “wasted suffering”. We suffer enough without having to go through the wasted suffering of things that haven’t even happened yet!

If Worry has been visiting you more than often, please call to discuss whether counselling would be beneficial to you. Call Tabasom at (604)889-3635.

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