My heart goes out to all those impacted by COVID-19. This includes everyone diagnosed with the virus, and their friends and family, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted and so many more.

In doing my part in slowing the spread of the virus, the difficult decision has been made that in-person sessions will no longer be offered.

Internet and phone sessions are available in order to respect and protect everyone’s safety.


Cheryl Zandbergen (Founder of Moms Gone Wild – momsgonewild.ca) and registered clinical counsellor, Tabasom Eblaghie (www.generatehope.ca), have a heart to heart about what we can do to control our thoughts and emotions when life feels out of control during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We looked at what to each of us could do in terms of:
1) Physical
2) Emotional
3) Spiritual
4) Mental

There are also suggestions offered on what to do to assist the children in our lives.


Maintaining Our Sanity During the Coronavirus Outbreak
With the coronavirus now being recognized as a pandemic, we are now witnessing large scale Panic and Fear visiting many of us. When these problems entities visit us, they cause our brains to release stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine. These hormones give us a natural boost in perception and speed, cause our hearts to beat faster and get us ready for fight or flight – basically we go into “survival mode”.

Also known as the “fight or flight mode”, this system is actually very smart as it ensured our survival if we encountered dangerous situations during prehistoric times – eg: running into a lion or a bear. Once we’ve enter into fight/flight mode, blood is diverted from major organs like the stomach to our limbs, so that we ready ourselves for running away or staying and fighting. Unfortunately, in addition to preparing us for survival, this also shuts down our immune systems (fighting the lion is more important than fighting that virus!) so we’re more prone to becoming sick. Exactly what we don’t want!

Being in fight or flight mode makes us less intelligent and clear-minded. This is because the part of the brain related to reflexes takes over from the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain related to critical thinking and planning. So at a time when we most need our logic and reasoning, that part of the brain shuts down and we may react irrationally and emotionally!

So, how can we mindfully and actively calm ourselves down in order to be able to make better decisions in stressful situations?

To continue reading Tabasom’s article: 9 Tips for Maintaining our Sanity During the Coronavirus Outbreak


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“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”
~Allan K. Chalmers

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