Purpose of Psychotherapy

“It is better to be wrong in figuring out the meaning of a situation than to overlook it.”
~Rudolph Dreikurs

If you have never tried therapy before, I applaude you for visiting this site and researching how counselling can change your life. There are many ways that therapy has helped individuals deal with life and its many challenges. Here are some of the ways that therapy can help you:

* Having an authentic relationship with another individual
* Education and empowerment
* Encouragement
* Generation of movement
* Interpretation of life’s experiences, and corrective emotional experiences
* Drawing out your creative side
* Changing the story line of one’s life

I believe that change is possible. It does not have to be grandiose; like a drop in a pond, small changes in thinking and behaviour will have amazing ripple effects in your life.

If you have questions or concerns about starting counselling, give me a call at (604) 889-3635 and we can discuss whether counselling can help you in your current situation.

To make an appointment, please call Tabasom at 604.889.3635 or email tabasom@generatehope.ca