“When you no longer can…”

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

When you can no longer reach out and hug those once loved,
Or look them in their eyes and kiss their sweet cheeks,
Comfort your heart and say to yourself,
While I could, I did.

When you find yourself walking instead of running,
Swaying instead of spinning round and round,
Remember and re-remember that,
While you could, you did.

When reality visits with daily reminders
Of what once was, and what is now lost,
Allow love in and gently speak the words,
While I could do, I did.

When time has had its way,
And ravaged the youth that once was effortlessly ours,
Let us enjoy the things that still remain and repeat again and again,
While I still can, I WILL.

Old man and son