A Love Note From Forgiveness

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

My name is Forgiveness

I walk with you during times of pain, sadness and hurt.

I am often ignored in a world where dominance is key, where being right is more important than being loved.

I am frequently mistaken for weakness, or a friend chosen by the small and the frail.

My greatest enemy is Resentment, who enters your life as a defender against hurtful actions and words.

Resentment whispers its reasons for staying strong and alive in your life, and cunningly smiles at me as it watches you dismiss me time and time again.

It artfully enters to protect and offers its shelter from a hurtful world.

But this shelter comes at a price.

It becomes a prison of hate, idle fancies and vain imaginations that border on little truth.

Its iron grip becomes stronger with the telling and re-telling of the hurt.


I hold the key to your emancipation, and am a mighty force to be reckoned with.

My goal for you is liberty and independence from the iron fist of Resentment, and the isolation it inevitably brings into your life.

Enter my land. Hold my hand and you will feel my power and strength course through your veins, your life, your soul.

You will find me standing mighty with my friends Compassion, Patience and Kindness. Find solace in us.

We will fill your heart with Love, and arm you with Bravery and Courage.

We will teach you to look towards the Creator, who knows, trains and provides for all.

We will teach you to let go and move forward with a graceful step, and a radiant heart.

Come with us.

Today. What are you waiting for?

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