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Tabasom operates on a fee for service basis. The services you are paying for includes the time during the session, as well as necessary preparation time, record keeping and processing.

Due to a heavy schedule, new clients are not being
accepted at this time.

Effective Winter 2019 – Counselling, Consulting and Coaching:

Individual Counselling session rates – $175 plus applicable taxes for a 60-minute session

Pre-marital Counselling session rates – $210 plus plus applicable taxes per 60-minute session. Please note, Couples Counselling sessions are not being offered at this time.

Fees are payable at the end of each session. We accept cash, e-transfer, cheque and PayPal. You may have coverage through your Extended health insurance, or other insurance policies.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have coverage as extended health providers will not release information to anyone but the party receiving the coverage. Clients are encouraged to explore eligibility for third party coverage.

Please note that you may cancel your appointment or reschedule within 48-hours of your scheduled time. This is offered as a matter of courtesy for times of emergency. If cancellation/rescheduling is done within the 48-hour period or a no-show occurs, the regular rates will be charged to your account. If multiple cancellations occur, we may request for appointments to be pre-paid and we reserve the right to discontinue services.

To make an appointment, please email tabasom@generatehope.ca
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Tabasom is available for Internet and phone counselling sessions.

Contact Information:

Email: tabasom@generatehope.ca
Phone: 604.889.3635
Fax: 604.475.0304