“When Anxiety Visits”

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

When Anxiety visits, as it sometimes does
Focus your thoughts on the grateful moments of life
The little, flashing seconds that are quietly taken for granted.

I am grateful for the blue in the sky
The light beam through your hair
The whisper of the wind softly telling stories of people past.

I am thankful for the smile in a stranger’s eyes
The taste of joy in a shared laugh
The excitement of newly discovered sights.

I am grateful for noisy meals with family and friends
For broken plates and large bowls brimming to the top
With delicious soup, made with passion by loving hands.

I dream of cold nights with a good book by my side
The taste of hot coffee biting my tongue after a walk in the rain
The honeyed smell of jasmines on a warm summer’s nights.

I find contentment in the warm embrace of flannel pajamas
Gulp in the smell of freshly cut grass
And the perfume of rain as it hits the dusty, empty lane.

I find peace in the loud crunching of autumn leaves beneath my feet
The nip of cold air on my nose and cheeks
The magical sight of a sun-kissed, cheerful cloud in the distant horizon.

When Anxiety visits, as it sometimes does
Focus your thoughts on the little moments in life
The passing joys that are beseeching to be noticed, loved and remembered.

Gratitude and Anxiety, much like fire and water
Cannot co-exist, cannot dwell together
Treading the path of thankfulness allows us to let go of Anxiety’s hand.

If you’ve been experiencing Anxiety’s visits, please call Tabasom at 604.889.3635 and book a private session today.

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