“You are love”

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

If the soft spring rain could speak
It would affirm its kindness and loving intention
Of washing away pain, sorrow and hurt
And purging our lives from the dust of pain

Be as the rain

If this gentle summer wind could speak
It would declare its love for you and I
As it softly wraps itself like a blanket
Of safety, around our bodies and souls

Be as the wind

If these majestic trees could speak
They would whisper of their concern for each of us
Purifying the earth with their healing energy
Breathing life and love, modestly, gracefully, silently

Be as the forest

If this blue, wintery sky could speak
It would tenderly assure us of its continued presence
On stormy days, deceivingly dark but
Returning again, gleaming with its vast beauty

Be as the sky

If this ancient sun could speak
It would pledge its profound loyalty
To beam down upon us, with its warm radiance
Never expecting anything in return

Be as the sun

We are all one, intimately connected, inseparable
We can light the flame of love, one heart at a time
For our loved ones, for our children, for the future
Tiny little blazes of love, asking for nothing in return

You are light. You are love.