“Slow Down”

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

“Slow down”
Whispered Mother Earth
As we skipped, jumped and ran
Focused on growth
Focused on self

“Slow down.”
Said Mother Earth
As we sprinted and flew
Past each other’s affairs
Past each other’s pain

“Slow down!”
Shouted Mother Earth
As we hurled through space
Indifferent to her heavens and skies
Indifferent to her oceans and seas

“Slow down!”
Roared Mother Earth
As she stopped the world
One country at a time
One city at a time

And it all slowed down
And the world grew smaller
As our hearts grew bigger
Indifference turned into concern
And mindless busyness evaporated

And we learnt to grieve together
And rejoice together
Unite and collaborate together
The sun smiled in the blue skies, celebrating
The dancing fish in clear waters

Material objects lost their worth
As simplicity returned
And the people advanced towards respect and courtesy
Flexibility and responsibility
With arms stretched out and heads bowed down

And the world was forever transformed
As we came together
Listened to and acknowledged each other’s pain
Each other’s worth
Letting go of control, letting go of self.

And as we slowed down
We really saw each other
As one people, one family
One soul, one collective heart
Bound together for eternity.