Expectations – On Lies and Truths

By Tabasom Eblaghie
Registered Clinical Counsellor

We are “Expectation”.

We have many demands.

From you. From your loved one, acquaintances and co-workers. From your life.

Our presence is voiced through the “Shoulds” we place in your mind and life.

Please let us introduce ourselves further. Our first names are “Realistic”. And “Unrealistic”.

When I, “Realistic”, exist in your life, I enter as a result of Respect, Acceptance, Trust and Belief in oneself and the Creator.

The rules I set are based on logic, justice, common sense, and cultural values.

They are based in history, and are used to bring about harmony and unity to one’s life.

I accompany you to the next stage in your life, making you a better person, friend and parent.

When I, “Unrealistic”, exist in your life, I enter to isolate you, and create disunity and harm.

The rules I set for you are to benefit and harm YOU, and perhaps you alone.

They are conveyed by you to others through the Language of Guilt. Language of Contempt. Language of Injustice.

They are also conveyed to you by MY language of unkindness, sadness and hatred.

The penalty you pay is loss of confidence, of self-esteem, and of closeness to others, including your children, spouse and family.

Pay attention.

Next time we visit you, you may want to examine the truthfulness of our existence in your life.

I, “Realistic”, lift you to your higher nature, engaging your loving heart, wise mind and kind soul.

I, “Unrealistic”, throw you into the pits of your lower nature, along with Guilt, Discouragement and Sadness.

You have the power to choose which sibling you will listen to.

Who will you choose?